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• Acupuncture for Animals

Did you know that animals benefit from acupuncture, too? Chinese thought is that all living things have Qi (chi), or vital energy, that imbues us with life, and that by manipulating or improving this energy (though acupuncture, exercise, and/or nutrition, for example), we can improve health and well-being.

For many of us, animals play a large and important role in our lives. This is certainly the case for me! As a licensed acupuncturist in Maryland, and a certified animal acupuncturist, I am able to use acupuncture to treat the beloved furry ones in our lives. My scope of practice includes dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and horses.

Just like people, animals can suffer from a variety of ailments that respond well to acupuncture. Please contact me to discuss your own animal's particular situation. Physical, emotional, and behavioral conditions can potentially all be addressed with acupuncture.





Pogo. Adopted from the Washington Animal Rescue league.


Photo Credit (Rumba and Pogo):
Geri Layne Craddock



Rumba, a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

• Subsequent Visits

Acupuncture for your animals is not intended to replace regular care by a veterinarian. Instead, think of alternative modalities like acupuncture together with veterinary medicine—and those measures you can take yourself as a pet owner—as a truly holistic approach to your animal's health and well-being.

Before beginning treatment on your animal, I will ask that you first visit your veterinarian (as required by Maryland State law), no more than 14 days before starting acupuncture. This is to ensure a potentially serious condition doesn't go overlooked. Please bring a copy of your vet receipt with you to your animal's first acupuncture treatment.



• Office/Contact

I currently see animal clients in their own homes only. Please contact me to see if this might be a good fit for both of us. Things I will take into consideration are distance (generally no more than a 25-mile radius from my office location) and if there's an quiet space in your living situation. Please keep in mind I only treat in Maryland.





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