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Your First Visit
Subsequent Visits


• Your First Visit

Welcome! Thank you for visiting my virtual treatment room. Please come in. My commitment to you is to provide a space of healing and tranquility, and I will do my best to see you at your scheduled appointment time. After all, waiting an hour or more is a stressful experience, and stress is definitely not synonymous with health and tranquility. Now, let me walk you through what you can typically expect from an acupuncture treatment.

treatment room

Some of the supplies you are likely to find
in an acupuncturist's office.

Your first appointment will take approximately 1.5-2 hours. During this time I will take a general health history and do a short exam, in addition to the treatment. Most importantly, this initial visit is an opportunity for me to get to know you, and by getting to know you, I learn how to best serve you. I want to know all about why you are here. If it is a symptom, or symptoms, I want to know what you know about it. When do you experience it? When don't you experience it? Have I mentioned yet that your body is wise and that symptoms often have a message for us if only we take the time to listen? Don't worry, we can explore this together... I might also ask about your energy level; what your favorite time of day and favorite season is; if there is a person or situation (or even a pair of shoes you haven't worn in seven years) you can't let go of; if you bruise easily; how hard is it to make a plan and stick to it... Rest assured, it's all important. I would also like to assure you that I abide by a strict code of ethics regarding confidentiality. This is a safe space.

Several times througout the treatment, I will be "listening" to your pulses. The pulses are one of the primary diagnostic tools of the acupuncturist, and they, among other things, help inform me as to the state of your Qi, as well as how to treat you.

If this is your first time experiencing acupuncture, notice how as I insert the needles there may be a feeling of radiating warmth or a tingling sensation. This is the sensation of Qi. Depending on the points I use, the sensation may be more, or you might feel nothing at all.

After I check your pulses on more time, we'll be finished for today.




A sterile, disposable acupuncture needle–about the thickness of a cat whisker.

• Subsequent Visits

Please consider coming in weekly to start. Most of
the early treatments set the groundwork for later treatments, and all are cumulative in nature. Seeing you weekly will allow me to assess the effectiveness of the treatments, and, generally, after a period of time, we will have a sense of how acupuncture is serving you, as well as how treatment should proceed. Subsequent visits are approximately 1

• Services

Besides needles, an acupuncturist may also use:


Moxa is frequently used alongside acupuncture. Moxa is the herb artemesia vulgaris, or mugwort, dried and highly refined. By burning a small cone of moxa on an acupuncture point or an area of the body, the Qi is helped to flow smoothly and strongly. As I'll be here watching for when to remove the moxa, All you will feel is comfortable warmth.


This technique uses thick glass cups that are placed on the skin after a vacuum is first created within the cup. Cupping helps move blood and Qi, and is useful in addressing common conditions like muscle pain and colds.

Gua Sha

Gua sha is widely used all across Asia. This techniqe uses a smooth-edged tool to apply pressured strokes on lubricated skin. Relaxing and not painful, gua sha is effective in pain, stiffness, muscular and tendon injuries, colds, and upper respiratory conditions, to name a few.

Tui Na

Tui na is a hands-on technique similar to acupressure. It uses a variety of kneading and pressing techniques along the channels of energy in the body (also known as meridians) that are designed to relieve any stagnation or blockage to the free flow of blood and Qi, or affect the distribution of energy in the body. In this way, tui na is not only able to address specific conditions, but is also able treat preventively, by keeping the body's energy in balance. The client remains fully clothed during treatment.




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